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Stupidly Simple SSH Tarpit

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A tarpit (also known as Teergrube, the German word for tarpit (German pronunciation: [ˈteːɐ̯ˌɡʁuːbə])) is a service on a computer system (usually a server) that purposely delays incoming connections. from wikipedia/tarpit I have some time been thinking that to make life slightly harder for all the ssh scanning bots out there, one should make a SSH tarpit. As outlined in the wikipedia article this is not a new idea, but I still like to investigate the idea of it even if there are clear downsides and risks as outlined in this stack overflow answer. Read More...

Sending/reading SMS of a Huawei 3G dongle

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Sending/reading SMS of a Huawei 3G dongle A quick intro with a few examples on how you can get minimal basic sending/reading functionality for most Huawei 3G/4G dongles. gcom/comgt gcom and comgt is the same tool, but had to switch names. It’s a tool/scripting lanuage which allows one to communicate with 3G dongles and probably any other serial device. huawei Most Huawei 3G/4G modem’s I’ve come in contact with uses a serial AT interface for controlling it and we can use it to do all kinds of things. Read More...

iDRAC 7 VNC with TLS on OS X

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The Dell lights-out-manager (lom) provides the ability to view the “console” of the server, though if you are on OS X you are stuck with the Java edition of the console. The performance of this is not the best and the battery usage suffers when running this. Newer version of iDRAC also provides a standard VNC server that connects to the same console, so you can use most (or all? Read More...