HOTS Replay Uploader

Super lightweight HOTS uploader for OS X (10.9+)

Get it here

  • Lightweight - Zero cpu usage when not uploading
  • No need to choose - Supports both and


Alpha 2 (also known as the 1.0) is out

  • support - It will automatically upload to both and
  • Menubar - To make it less intrusive it now hides away in the menubar instead of taking up room in the dock.
Known issues

Application won't open.
This is related to gatekeeper and it not being signed. Try right clicking and choosing open. If that does not work, change the security settings to "Allow apps downloaded from:" to Anywhere. Run the app, then change the settings back. You will be able to keep running this app and you will be protected against other malicious apps.

Not working or other issues? Please file a bug

Source code available at github